About the Team

Our Purpose

It’s simple really – we want to provide an exciting, interactive and fun way of exploring different parts of the city for everyone, while including a competitive edge to the experience. However, we believe there’s more than fun to be had. Our games offer great opportunities for team building, character development and learning new skills as well as an alternative activity for families, friends, colleagues and even dates.

Our Story

Making immersive games for family gatherings has been something we’ve done for some time. What started off as a bit of fun, became our passion – we found ourselves working into the early hours of the morning designing new concepts and preparing materials. The great feedback we received encouraged us to become more innovative each time. We won’t forget our cousin’s amazement as she repeated, “but there was a clue inside the green pepper?!”

One day, a friend asked us to help plan an Easter Egg Hunt for his girlfriend, which would end in a marriage proposal. We came up with the idea of sending her the clues via text message to guide her around London to the point where the proposal would happen. As she walked around the city, solving puzzles, we realised we could share this idea with anyone while still keeping the experience interactive and authentic. All they’d need is a mobile phone (and their thinking cap!)

Our Work

To make sure teams feel challenged, we spend hours exploring different areas of the city so that we can build quirky trails and puzzles. We test and refine games countless times, until they’re ready. From brainstorming ideas to developing the technology for it all to work, there’s always something going on – we love every bit of it!

About the Games

All our games are live, SMS-based games

This means that you will receive clues by text message and will then need to find and text back the correct answer in order to progress.

There is something for everyone!

Each game has its own difficulty level so you can choose to really challenge yourselves or simply explore the city in a fun, interactive way.

Most of the games are open to all ages

Although under 16s will need to be accompanied by adults. See each game’s details for further information.

Check out our scoring system and compete with everyone

Collect points by correctly solving puzzles as quickly as you can and spend points to get hints. See if you can beat your friends and top our leader board. For full details, see our FAQs.

Each game is based in a different area of the city

Discover paths, views and places you didn’t know existed!