The Game

How many people can play?

There is no real limit on the number of players per group, but we recommend that between 3 – 5 people will give you the best experience.

How long does a game last?

Each game will be different so please visit The Games page for more information.

What level of difficulty are the games?

Each game has a different difficulty level, so there is something for everyone! See each game’s details for more information.

What happens if we get stuck on a particular clue?

Fear not! You can text ‘WHERE’ for help on the location of the answer, or ‘WHAT’ for help on solving the clue itself. See the table below for more information.

How does the scoring system work?

You start each game with a certain number of points, depending on the difficulty level of the game. You then gain points for each correct answer, and the minutes taken to complete the game is deducted from your total. If you’re really stuck, you can request hints, but this will cost you points! See the table below:

Check our scoring table here

What to send What you’ll receive Points
The correct answer Your next clue. 25
An incorrect answer A message informing you that the answer is incorrect and you must try again. -10
“WHAT” A hint to help you solve the clue once you have reached the correct location. You can request up to two of these per clue. -5
“WHERE” A hint to point you towards the correct location. You can request up to two of these per clue. -5
“SKIP” A message giving you the correct answer and your next clue. -20
“END” This will end the game for your team and you will no longer receive clues. Your total will be set to 0

How long does it take to receive a text message?

Generally, you should receive replies to your text messages within 30 seconds. However, if you are experiencing poor network coverage, it could take longer. You can add extra phone numbers to receive clues, which may reduce any delays.

How much do text messages cost?

Text messages are charged at your standard network rate. If you have a tariff with free texts included, each text will count as one of your free texts. We do not charge you for receiving our text messages.

Can I play with a non-UK mobile number?

Unfortunately, our games are currently only compatible with UK mobile numbers (beginning +447… or 07…) but give us some time – we’re working on it.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

You may want to bring a bottle of water. Always check the weather forecast for the day that you play and dress accordingly! Comfortable shoes are highly recommended.


Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal, credit or debit card payments. Mastercard, Visa and American Express are all accepted.

Can I cancel my booking?

Unfortunately, as Cluetropolis games are live events, refunds and cancellations are not accepted. However, we are able to reschedule your game (subject to availability), if you give us more than 48 hours notice. Simply drop us an email, with your name, your Order ID and the date to which you would like to reschedule.

Can I change my details after signing up?

Sure! Simply drop us an email, or contact us here, providing the name under which you have booked, your Order ID and what details need to be changed.

Do you organise corporate/private events?

Definitely! We would love to organise a bespoke event for your organisation or party. Just use our Contact Us form to let us know your requirements and we will get back to you promptly.


Who can play?

Most of the games are open to all ages, although under 16s may need to be accompanied by an adult. Please read each game’s details for more information.

Where is the game located?

Each game is set in a different part of London. Further information is provided within the details of each game.

Can people with mobility difficulties still play?

We would love for everyone to play our games, but unfortunately some of our routes do have steps. Please contact us before booking so that we can advise you on the most suitable routes and make any necessary adjustments that you may need in order to play.

Do I need a certain level of fitness to play?

You can play the game at your own pace, so players with any level of fitness are able to enjoy each route. There are also breaks along the way, so you’ll be able to stop to refuel and recharge.